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Friday, December 23, 2016

Materi Present Continuous Tense dan Latihan Soal Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous Tense

By. Nur Arifta Lantiningrum, S.Pd.

”What are you doing now?”
 I am studying English now.

 The  above sentences are the example of continuous tense. Well...  Talk about an activity that we do at the moment; we must use the Simple Present Continuous Tense.  Simple Continuous Tense has same meaning with Simple Present Progressive Tense. Another family tenses; Present Continuous, Past Continuous, and Future Continuous. (Present Progressive, Past Progressive, and Future Progressive.)


Present Continuous Tense is a sentence that an action is in progress in that particular time.  The tenses say that an action is begin before or still in progress, and it will continue after that time.
1. To describe an action in progress at the moment.
2. To describe actions which are happening aroun now, even though it is not spoken.
 Time Signals
1. Now
2. At this moment
3. At present

            Form: To  be + V-ing (present participle)
To know, Simple Present Continuous clearly, look the patterns below!
(+) Subject  + To be + Verb-ing
( - ) Subject + Tobe + not + Verb ing
( ? ) Tobe + Subject + Verb-ing?

To be     for present :  Am, are, is
Subject   :
1. I
2. You
3. We
4. They
5. He
6. She
7. It

Pronoun To be Example

I (singular) Am I am eating now.
You (singular) Are They are studying English at the moment.
He Is She is cooking in the Kitchen.
John is singing.

You (Plural) Are You are working at present.
Gabs and John (Plural)

Example :
• Positive  : I’m writing a descriptive text now.
Negative : I’m not writing a descriptive text now.
Interrogative  : Am I writing a descriptive text now?
   The answer of interrogative form is yes/no.
   Yes, I am.
   No,  I am not.

Note on –ing ending

1. Verb ending in vocal ‘e’, the ‘e’ must be omitted.
Example :
• take   –  taking
• Give   –  giving
• Write  –  writing
• Make  –  making
2. Verb with one syllable, ending with one vowel and one consonant, the consonant is doubled.
Example :
• Dig  – digging
• Sit – sitting
• Run – running
• Bit – bitting
3. Verb ending in ‘ie’, the ‘ie’ is changed into –y.
Example :
• Die  – dying
• Lie – lying
4. Verb with no changes.
Example :
• Cry   – crying
• Go   –  going
• Show  – showing
• Bloom  – blooming
• Work  – working
• Read  – reading

Task 1
Fill the blanks, and change the positive, negative, or interrogative form!
Example  :
**   I ______________ (dance) with my brother now.
•  (+) I am dancing with my brother now.
•  ( -) I am not dancing with my brother now.
• ( ? ) Am I dancing with my brother?

1. He  ______________ (run)  for 5 km now.
 (+) He _____________________________.
 ( -) He _____________________________.
 ( ? ) _________________________________?

2. She  ______________ (cry)  right now.
 (+) She  _____________________________.
 ( -) She _____________________________.
 ( ? ) _________________________________?

3. They  ______________ (walk)  to their office at this time.
 (+) They _____________________________.
 ( -) They _____________________________.
 ( ? ) ________________________________?

4. Clark  ______________ (sleep)  at the moment.
 (+) Clark _____________________________.
 ( -) Clark _____________________________.
 ( ? ) _________________________________?

5. My mother and My father  ______________ (Work)  now.
 (+)My mother and My father    _____________________________.
 ( -) My mother and My father  _____________________________.
 ( ? ) __________________________________________________?

To find the answer, click this!

 Fill the blanks, and change the positive, negative, or introgative form!
**   I ______________ (dance) with my brother now.
•  (+) I am dancing with my brother now.
•  ( -) I am not dancing with my brother now.
• ( ? ) Am I dancing with my brother?

1. He  ______________ (run)  for 5 km now.
 (+) He is running for 5 km now.
 ( -) He is not  running for 5 km now.
 ( ? ) Is  He running for 5 km now?

2. She  ______________ (cry)  right now.
 (+) She  is crying right now.
 ( -) She is crying right now.
 ( ? ) Is She crying right now?

3. They  ______________ (walk)  to their office at this time.
 (+) They are walking to their office at this time.
 ( -) They are  not walking to their office at this time.
( ? ) Are they walking to their office at this time?

4. Clark  ______________ (sleep)  at the moment.
 (+) Clark is sleeping at the moment.
 ( -) Clark is not sleeping at the moment.
 ( ? ) Is  Clark sleeping at the moment?

5. My mother and My father  ______________ (Work)  now.
 (+)My mother and My father   are working now.
 ( -) My mother and My father  are working now.
 ( ? ) Are they working now?

Task 2
Fill the blanks with Am, are, or is!
1. Saef and Danang _________ talking about the lesson.
2. Kusuma : What _________ you doing?
Yulia :  I _________looking for my money.
3. Finna :  What _________ Anto  doing?
 Nugra  : He _________ sweeping the floor.
4. We _________ shopping for some new clothes now.
5. She _________ cooking fried chicken.

Untuk mendowload Materi dan Latihan Soal dapat click download ya..

Download Present Continuous Tense Worksheet

Download Personal Pronoun Worksheet


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      Berikut adalah soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMK Tahun 2016, Kisi-kisi Ujian Nasional 2017 sudah dibuat, soal Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris berikut adalah contoh Soal Ujian Nasional Tahun 2016, mungkin bisa untuk latihan Ujian karena bisa mengacu dengan kisi-kisi yang sudah di keluarkan.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016


In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand written English. There are three parts to this section, with special directions for each part.

PART V. Directions:   Questions 1627 are incomplete dialogues. There are four phrases/clauses/sentences, marked (A), (B), (C), or (D) are given beneath each incomplete dialog. Choose the one phrase/clause/sentence that best completes the dialog. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and mark your answer.
16.  Arinta        : Do you like fishing?
       Arinta        : So, what is your hobby?
 Benny : … I can enjoy the beautiful view under the sea.
A.    I love diving.
B.    I like swimming.
C.   I am fond of surfing.
D.   I am keen on hiking.
17.   Fera         : Did you see the concert last night?
        Jihan        : No, I didn’t. … There was a final match between Persija and Arema Cronus.
A.    I played football with my friends.
B.    I will watch a football match.
C.   I am going to the cinema.
D.   I watched TV at home.
18.    Harry       : Would you like to go camping with us next Sunday?
        Donny      : …but I have to take care of my mom. She has been hospitalized for a

A.    Why not?
B.    That sounds great
C.   I don’t care about it
D.      Sure, I will be there

19.    Indra       : The books you bring look very heavy.  Would you like me to help you?
            Ardi         : … I can do myself.
A.      That’s very kind of you.
B.      With pleasure.
C.     Yes, of course.
D.     No, thanks.

20.    Mira        : Huft…, I can’t read the letters on the whiteboard. There must be something
wrong with my eyes.
Dika       : …..Your eyes need examining.
Ari          : That’s good idea.
A.      Are the letters too small?
B.      Why don’t see the dentist.
C.     How about coming in front?
D.     You’d better see an optician

21.      Tiwi         : I’ve a serious cough lately.
 Cita         : ….Have you seen the doctor?
 Tiwi         : Yes I have. Thank you very much
A.  It doesn’t matter.
B.  Don’t be serious!
C. That sounds great.
D. I’m sorry to hear that

22.      Andre     : Junk food is the best choice for us nowadays.
Betra      : … It contains chemical ingredient which is not good to consume frequently.
A.    I couldn’t agree more.
B.    I am on your side.
C.   I don’t think so
D.   I have no idea.

23.     Genta     : Will you come to Icha’s graduation party?
Aisya      : …
A.      If she invites me, I’ll come.
B.      If she asked me I would come.
C.     If she invited me I would be there.
D.     If she had invited me I would have come.

24.      Armita  : The basketball competition will be conducted soon.
         Kartika : That’s right. …. We must win the competition.
A.      I want to see the competition.
B.      We need to practice frequently.
C.     You need to buy the ticket soon.
D.     I want to join in a basketball team.
25.    Andhika : Can I use this computer?
       Dewi      : Sure, it is working now. ….
A.  It is being fixed.
B.    It was fixed yesterday.
C.   It needs to be repaired.
D.   It will be repaired soon.

26.      Radit       : Do you know Beyonce Knowless? I heard she is a popular singer from
America. Howdoes she look like?
Selvi    : She is a singer with ...
A.      beautiful colored skin and voice.
B.      beautiful skin colored and voice.
C.     colored black skin and voice.
D.     skin colored beautiful voice.

27.      Sigit        :    "Our school will not allow us to bring smart phones to school. What do you
Lodi        :    " Are you kidding? …. We need smart phones nowadays not only for
communicating but also for making us easier to get information."
Sigit        :    "Yes, especially when we need to find some sources to help us studying."
A.    I completely disagree.
B.    I can’t agree more.
C.   I support the idea.
D.   I agree with it.

PART VI.Directions: Questions 31 41 are based on a selection of reading materials, such as biography, fact and figures, tips, etc.Choose the one best answer, (A), (B), (C), or (D),to each question. Answer all the questions following each reading selection on the basis of what is stated or implied in the selection. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and mark your answer.

Questions 31 – 33refer to the following description.
Yudhoyono had wanted to join the army since he was a child. In school, he developed a reputation as an extremely talented student in addition to being an academic achiever, excelling in writing poems, short stories, and play acting. Yudhoyono was also talented in music and sport, reflected when he and his friends established a volleyball club called Klub Rajawali and a band called Gaya Teruna.

When he was in fifth grade, Yudhoyono visited the Indonesian Armed Forces Academy (AKABRI). After seeing the soldiers training there and inspired by his own father career, Yudhoyono became determined to join the Indonesian Armed Forces Academy and became a soldier. Yudhoyono had originally wanted to get into the AKABRI after graduating from high school in 1968. However, he missed out because he did not register in time.
31.      The text above tells us about ….
A.      A part of Yudhoyono’s life
B.      A famous musician and athlete
C.     An Indonesian Armed Forces Academy.
D.     A well-known actor and volleyball player.

32.      When did Yudhoyono visit the Indonesian Armed Forces Academy?
A.      After graduating from high school.
B.      When he was in the fifth grade.
C.     After seeing soldiers training.
D.     In nineteen sixty eight.

33.      What is the closest meaning of the underlined word get into….
A.      Join
B.      Quit
C.     Apply

D.     Follow

Untuk mendapatkan file SOAL BAHASA INGGRIS SMK KELAS XI  SEMESTER GENAP secara lengkap dapat anda unduh di link di bawah ini.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Contoh Memo Dalam Bahasa Inggris (Example Memo)

Mr.Lukito is a manager in a company located in Semarang. He wrote the following memo to her secretary,Shinta.
contoh memo
To          : Shinta
From     : Mr. Lukito
Date      : October 29th, 2016
Subject : A round - trip ticket booking

I will need to attend a board meeting in Jakarta . Please, book a round-trip ticket flight for me!
I need to depart in Wednesday morning. If it is possible, please book the earliest flight for me. I need to arrive in Jakarta before 10a.m. I will leave jakarta on thursday evening.
Please put the ticket on may desk on Tuesday afternoon!

Thank you.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Contoh Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris SMK Semester I

1.   Diva   : Do you have plan for tomorrow   morning?
      Raka : I don't. Why?
      Diva : ..... to join me visiting Tom and Yeni  in their new house ?
      Raka : I'd love to. Let's go there at around                   7 p.m.
      a) Do you agree
      b) Would you like
      c) Don't you think
      d) I am going with you

2. Teacher : Yudha, your speaking ability is  really improving.
       Yudha : ...., Mr. Udin.
       a) It's very kind of you
       b) Congratulation
       c) You look great
       d) Well done

3. Receptionist : Hotel Hilton. Can I help     you?
       Caller             : Yes,....... for next    Wednesday.
       Receptionist : I'm sorry yo inform you 
                                 that all rooms have been 
        a) I'd like to reserve a table
        b) I need a help to go to my room
        c) I'd like to reserve a double room
        d) I'd like to confirm my reservation

4. Rafi            : ..... I need it to my coffee. 
      Waitress : Sure, my pleasure.
        a) Would you get me some sugar, please?
        b) Would you take me some salt?
        c) Could you bring me it?
        d) Could you take it?

5. Bred  : Is it possible for you to pass the exam?
      Oliver : .... because I could answer the  questions easily. 
      a) I don't think it's possible 
      b) it's out of question 
      c) I think it's possible 
      d) it's impossible for me 

Contoh Dialog Tentang Making an Appointment (Membuat Janji)

Contoh Dialog Tentang Making an  Appointment (Membuat Janji)
Shasha     : “ Excuse me, can I talk to you?”
Clarissa   : “ Yes, sure. What is that ?”
Shasha     : “ This is cake, Would you like to taste?"
Clarissa   : “ Yes, it seems  so delicious.”
Shasha     : “ This is for you”
Clarissa   : “ Thank you.”
Shasha     : “ You are welcome, hmm.., how about it?”
Clarissa   : “ Wow...., is so delicious, who is making this cake?”
Shasha     : “ Are you certain? I made this cake by my self.”
Clarissa   : “ Can you cook the cake?”
Shasha     : “ Of course, I can cook, how about you, Are you able cook?”
Clarissa   : “ Hmmm, I can’t cook, would you like to teach me cooking ?”
Shasha     : “Yes sure, you can come to my house in Sunday. We can buy some materials in the market.”
Clarissa    : “ Yes sure, I will come to your house, thank you so much my friend.”
Shasha    : “ You are welcome, alarm bell is ringing, we must be immediately going into the class."
Clarissa : “ Yes you right, come on.”
Shasha : “ Yes, see you next Sunday.”
Clarissa : “ See you, Shasha....”

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Contoh Teks Kegiatan Sehari-hari dalam bahasa Inggris (Text Daily Activites) dan Pertanyaannya

   Today is Sunday. Each family member in Wijaya's house is busy with their activities. Mr. Wijaya is reading a newspaper in front of the house. In the kitchen, Mrs. Wijaya is cooking lunch. The maid, Inah, is cleaning the house. 
    The eldest son, Bima, is washing his motorcycle in the yard. Bima's sister, Ratih, is in her bedroom. She is listening to her favorite songs. Rian, the youngest son, is playing with a toy car in the living room. In the garden, the Wijaya's other daughter, Maya, is watering the plants. Miami, their little cat, is in the backyard drinking a bowl of milk, and Bobi, their parakeet, is loud noise.  
Mr. Hadi the neighbor, is cutting the grass using a lawn mower.

1. What is Mr. Wijaya reading? 
2. What is Mrs. Wijaya doing in the kitchen? 
3. Is Inah cooking? 
4. Is Rian playing with a doll in living room? 
5. Is Bima washing his motorcycle? 
6. What is Ratih doing in her bedroom? 
7. Is Maya cutting or watering the plants in the
8. What is Mimi doing in the backyard? 
9. Is Bobi singing beautiful? 
10. What is Mr. Hadi doing?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Contoh Dialog Procedure Text "How To Use a Glue Gun"

Winda : Miss, I want to make handicraft flow using sticks ice cream , but I don't know string with glue is practically.

Mrs.Putri : You use a glue gun a practical and sticky.

Winda : But I don't know how to use it. Do you know how?.

Mrs.Putri : Yes,  first you check and clean the glue gun from glue clogging in the nozzle. Put the glue stick into the gun nozzle.

Winda : Oh..I  know,  so what's next steps, Miss?

Mrs. Putri : Okay,  next step is insert the plug into the electricity socket.  Then prepare and arrange sticks ice cream so put the glue gun on it.

Winda : Then how to warmer? 
Contoh Dialog Procedure Text  How To Use a Glue Gun
Mrs.Putri : We wait until the gun get warmer.  Then warmer squeeze the trigger gently to check if the glue gun has changed into liquid from.

Winda : Miss,  so what next step,  I want  to know!

Mrs.Putri : And finaly , you can apply it on any surface that you want to sticks by using this glue gun, Winda.

Winda : Thanks for information , Miss . That's very helpful.

Mrs. Putri : You're welcome.  And soon apply on the your handicraft.

Winda : Okey, I will apply.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

2 Contoh Dialog Procedure text / Manual Text

How to Use Operate Iron

Ivon   : Mirta, What is your busy today ?
Mirta : I'am not busy Ivon.
Ivon   : Can you tell me about how to operate iron ?
Mirta : Sure, I can help you.
Ivon : What the first step, Mirta ?
Mirta : Prepare an iron, than plug thr iron cable to an electric socket. Wait until the iron become hot.
Ivon : How step after the iron hot ?
Mirta : Prepare a shirt or trousers you want to iron place it on a flat surfice.
Ivon : What the step after prepare a shirt or tousers ?
Mirta : Put the irob on the shirt or tousers and move it to the right and left. Do it until the become smooth.
Ivon : What the last step I should do ?
Mirta : The last step, you fold the clothes you have ironed.
Ivon : That's very helpful, Mirta. Thanks.
Mirta : You're wellcome Ivon.

How to Insert Memory Card in Handphone 

Eko         : Rizal, tell me how to insert memory card in handphone!
Rizal       : Yes, sure .
Eko         : How is  the manner ? 
Rizal       : First, turn off your phone  and remove the back cover .
Eko         : Okey, and then?
Rizal       : Next, lift the latch their secures the card,and put sd card into slot.
Eko         : I see, it seems easy. And what is the next step?
Rizal       : After that,  to close the back cover upward move impressively, do you understand ? 
Eko         : Yes, I do understand, thank you.
Rizal       : You are welcome.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Disccusion Text The Ban on Bringing Hand Phone in the School

The Ban on Bringing Hand Phone in the SchoolTitle: The Ban on Bringing Hand Phone in the School

Positive: -Easy to communicate between teacher and students
-Gaining knowledge
Negative: - Trouble
-Not pay attention the lesson
The Paragraph:

In some cases that use of hand phone in schools have positive and negative impacts. It will be positive and negative impact. It will be positive, if it is used for some learning activities to support and help them to develop or improve  their ability to get information using tools production.  It will be negative, if t is used for learning activates to play and  they do not pay attention the lesson. It will make some troubles. Various kind of hand phone may be make the students some troubles if students can not use of the right way. Especially on its functions and purposes.

Thursday, June 2, 2016



1.      Look this Menu, and answer the question!
Price (Rp)
Price (Rp)
15. 000
Milk Tea
1.      000
17. 000
Bubble Juice
12. 000
French Fries
22. 000
Vietnam Coffee
55. 000

a.        What is the name of Restaurant?
b.        How much does sandwich price?
c.         The cost of meatball is ________ (cheap) than French Fries.
d.        Vietnam coffee is __________ (expensive) among others drinks.
e.         The cost of sandwich is ________ (little) expensive than French fries.
2.      Write comparative and superlative degree!





3.      Complete the blank with correct personal pronoun!
Possessive adjective
Possessive Pronoun









4.      Make a formal personal invitation shortly!
5.      Make five sentences using there is and there are.
6.       Make sentences using +er, +est, more, and The most (comparative and superlative form)!
7.      Make 4 sentences using prefer, like,  would rather, and would prefer!
8.      Make a dialog about asking and giving direction
9.      Make a dialog about congratulating others!
10.  Make a text about planning to go somewhere.