Friday, November 24, 2017

report Text Industry Visiting by harnum



Arranged by :
1.         Harnum Fitriani
2.         Ivone Eka Pertiwi
3.         Maeki Dina Maria
4.         Pratiwi Dwi Puspita

Field of expertise Nursing

Format Report

Chapter I

1. Background Industry visits
Characterictics of secondary vocational school designed to prepare the participant students after graduating from the school have the knowledge and skills to enter the world of business or industry.
To achieve these goals various efforts through a learning process that has been done among others :
a.     the learning process is carried out of the school.
b.     The process of learning in industry
This activity is expected to provide a stimulus to himself each student who has been trained in activities
2. Destinations industry visits
a. so that the students can see and feel derctly the activities undertaken in the field of industry
b. so that the students can take lessons in the experience of the industry visits
c. so that the students can feel the direct health services
3. Locations of industry visits
The location we were to visit is the main goal to PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital in Surakarta and PGS (Continued with Solo travel to the wholesale market) and Kasunanan Kraton Surakarta
4. Execution time
Today : Tuesday November 22th 2016
Hours : 06:00 Am
5. Fill Trip Reports
On Tuesday November 22th 2016 we paid a visit to the PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital in Surakarta and Proceed to travel to the Waterfall Tawangmangu and to the shopping center. From school we left at 06:30 am, we were seated with seat serial number of each that have been agreed. At 09:15 am we arrived at Hospital and immediately by the security guard how in case of a disaster or hazard. After it we were invite toured the hospital rooms, and after all finished we took a leave to continue the journey to Tawangmangu his affection of good weather and us only to the place Solo and Proceed to the Shopping Center in Solo, after we continued to have dinner in a restaurant Klaten at a time for rest and worship. After that we continue the Journey to get to the center by the In Yogyakarta until at 20:30 pm and we went on our way home and arrived at the school at 21:30pm
6. Cover
From the above statement can be concluded that with his visit held this industry students are expected to think forward, creatively and efficiently so that can reduce negative behaviors.
7.Activity of photos


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